Healthcare Reform In The News – Healthcare

Anyone who has picked up a newspaper or turned on the news over the past few years has surely heard quite a lot about healthcare reform. It has been one of the hottest topics surrounding President Obama’s term and continues to play out in the news. It can be a bit complicated to follow, but it is important for everyone to understand the reform since it will affect each citizen.One of the reasons that the news has covered healthcare reform so extensively is that it was the first major achievement of President Obama’s term. Like most major achievements, it has also been one of the most controversial issues with which his presidency is associated. The press has tried to present both sides of the issues so that American can take an informed stance.Another reason that the reform has been so newsworthy, aside from the fact that it affects everyone, is that it is an issue that has been tackled by many presidents before Obama. Presidents Truman and Clinton both tried to tackle national healthcare and failed. Passing any legislation on the issues, whether or not it is popular, marks a significant place in history for President Obama.There has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding the reform and it has extended beyond commentary in the news. Challenges to the legislation have been filed across the country, especially concerning the individual mandate factor. This element requires that every citizen have health insurance or pay a fine if they choose to forego it.Most news outlets have tried to remain impartial and present both sides of the health reform debate. Some people are against it because they believe it gives the government too much control over private healthcare. Those who are in favor of the reform believe that it will make much-needed healthcare available to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it on their own.Whether or not someone agrees with the recent healthcare reform legislation, they cannot deny that it has marked a major event in American history. There is more than enough news coverage on the topic and most sources have tried to help Americans draw their own conclusions by providing unbiased information about the policies. It is likely that this will continue to be a prominent topic in the news and all American citizens should be sure to stay well informed on all new developments.